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A complete prenatal multivitamin to support mother and baby from prepregnancy to breastfeeding. 

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Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is an essential vitamin required for many functions in your body. It’s important for fertility health because it plays a role in DNA and protein synthesis. It’s also vital during periods of rapid cell growth and reproduction, including pregnancy.


Our bodies need choline for proper liver and muscle function and lipid metabolism. Choline is also known as a “brain-building” nutrient crucial during fetal development and early childhood.  Additionally, choline plays a major role in cellular structure. Although the body produces choline, it can’t make enough to meet metabolic demands. This means people need to get some choline through their diet or supplements. *


Iron is a nutrient fundamental to cellular function. People get iron from both plant and animal sources. During pregnancy, you need significantly more iron*.

Research suggests that iron requirements increase during pregnancy because of: 

  • increased blood volume during pregnancy.
  • fetal oxygen and metabolic demands
  • the placenta requiring high amounts of iron

Iron deficiency can increase your risk of negative pregnancy outcomes like low birth weight, premature birth, and anemia. Iron deficiency during pregnancy may also have long-term effects on your child’s behavioral and cognitive development.*


Calcium supplementation is essential during pregnancy because it helps support muscle and bone formation and enzymatic and hormonal functions. It also reduces your risk of experiencing high blood pressure during pregnancy.  *


Supplementing with selenium helps support thyroid function and fetal development.* 

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