How to Keep TTC fun

Embarking on the journey to prepare for pregnancy is an exciting but sometimes challenging experience. At first, you're all in – faithfully taking vitamins, and orchestrating what you hope will be the perfect baby-making sessions. Yet, as time passes, the initial preconception excitement can fade. Intimacy may start to feel routine and that anticipated positive result may elude you.

It's important to remind yourself that conception is a journey, not a race. The reality is, for many couples, it takes time – for the average couple it takes at least 6 months. Contrary to what we learned in sex education, the equation of sex always equals pregnancy isn't true!

It’s also important to remember YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT in your preconception journey!

Tips to navigate through the tough parts of TTC


Understand that the road to conception is unique for everyone. Be patient with yourself and your partner.

Focus on the Connection:

Shift your focus from reaching the specific goal of trying to conceive  to nurturing the emotional connection with your partner. This can help keep the desire for intimacy alive.

Spice Things Up:

Instead of sticking to a rigid plan, embrace some spontaneity when planning sex around ovulation. Experiment with different times of the day and different positions to keep the experience fresh and exciting.


Share your thoughts and feelings openly with your partner. This journey is a shared one, and communication is the key to understanding and supporting each other. Often your partner might not know how much a negative pregnancy test can disappoint you and talking about it can be helpful.

Enjoy Each Moment:

Celebrate the love and connection that brought you together. Don't let the pressure of conception overshadow the joy of simply being with your partner.

Seek Guidance Together:

A healthcare professional or fertility expert can provide personalized guidance and address any health or fertility concerns you may have as a couple.

 Take a tracking break:

If the meticulous tracking is causing stress, consider taking a break from it. Instead, focus on maintaining regular intimacy every few days, especially during the days of your cycle when you've observed ovulation in the past few months. Remember, this journey is yours. Embrace the imperfections, cherish the shared moments, and keep the faith that, in time, your story of becoming a parent will come!

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