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    Why fertilitae

    The Fertilitae Wellness Assessment gives you a personalized plan to reach optimal prepregnancy health.

    The Fertilitae Wellness assessment was created by Naturopathic and Functional medicine doctors.

    Answer the questions to get a tailored Fertility Wellness Plan designed to meet your personal needs.

    Whether you’re struggling to conceive, preparing for IVF, or starting to think of conceiving, Fertilitae can help guide you.

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    Fertilitae has been wonderful guiding my husband and I through a healthier journey to having children. We have learnt so much about our bodies and feel better with the changes recommended.

    Mary and Patrick

    Fertilitae has provided me with important knowledge on how my body and cycle work in a way that is simple and easy to understand. I have learned more about women’s health in the last 6 months through this platform than any other.


    I would highly recommend Fertilitae for those who are looking for fertility and prepregancy wellness as well as those who want to learn more about fertility and their bodies.