Early Pregnancy & Baby Loss Support Bundle

Early Pregnancy & Baby Loss Support Bundle

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This bundle supports your physical and emotional healing following early pregnancy and baby loss.

It contains educational videos on the impact of stress and trauma on the body with practical tools and techniques to help you reduce stress and aid relaxation and sleep quality.

It contains women's health physio talks and trauma informed Yoga and Pilates to help you reconnect to your body, improve sleep and feel strong in your body again.

The bundle includes Matrescence and coaching videos as well as journaling prompts and guided meditations to help you explore and nourish your emotional wellbeing.

Lastly, there is a section with our recommendations and additional resources to help you to connect with others.

We hope that this bundle helps to support you as you learn slowly how to breath and live again following your loss.

You are not alone.

All of our love and support,

Kelly & Michelle

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