Termination for Medical Reasons Support Bundle

Termination for Medical Reasons Support Bundle

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This bundle supports your physical and emotional healing following a termination for medical reasons (TFMR).

Our educational videos explain the impact of stress on the somatic and nervous systems and teach regulation techniques to support you.

The bundle also contains Women's Health education talks about the ways your pelvic and hormonal health may have been impacted by your pregnancy and birth.

Our movement pillar includes trauma-informed Yoga and Pilates classes to help you to rebuild your strength and reconnect to your body.

Our coaching pillar includes Matrescence coaching videos as well as journaling prompts to help nourish your emotional well-being.

And our connection pillar includes recommendations of supportive podcasts, books, products and organisations as well as our private online community.

We hope that this bundle helps as you learn slowly how to breathe and live again following your loss.

You are not alone.

With all of our love and support

Kelly & Michelle

What People Are Saying:

The impossible 'decision' to have a TFMR left me feeling so much guilt, anger, anxiety and heartache. I felt lost, alone and frozen. FLY Mama's support helped me to process these emotions and move through the tension, stillness and pain that I was left with. I now have tools to help me move forwards with my life and support me with the grief that I will always carry.
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