The PherDal At Home Insemination Kit

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Each PherDal Kit provides three chances to deliver sperm directly to the opening of the cervix to help you conceive:

  • Three (3) sterile, single-use, individually packaged insemination syringes
  • Three (3) sterile, single-use, individually packaged collection cups
  • Three (3) chances to get pregnant per cycle

Detailed, science-based, easy to understand instructions and best practices

  • FREE discreet shipping included at no extra cost

  • FREE Ovulation Journal sent to your email to start tracking right away

  • FREE eBook on how Dr. Jenn tracked her cycle to get pregnant with PherDal, sent to you at purchase

Indications for Use

The PherDal® At-Home Insemination Kit is indicated for over-the-counter home use, by individuals who have been unable to conceive through intercourse or have chosen not to conceive through intercourse, for semen collection and the delivery of semen deep into the vaginal canal. The PherDal® At-Home Insemination Kit should be used during the ovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle.


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